November 18, 2011

Brian Lies visits "Children's Book Illustration III"

When I arrived to Providence last Monday, I parked next to children's book author/illustrator Brian Lies' BATSmobile. But, that was no surprise to me. I was actually hoping to get to see his famous car.

Emilie Boon, my instructor of Children's Book Illustration III at RISD-CE, had invited Brian to visit our class.

With incredible generosity, Brian sat with us around the table and explained in detail his illustration process; showed us his sketchbooks; full size rough pencil drawings; book dummies; color studies. He explained his technique step by step. And then, he spread right on that same table the beautiful original artwork for his books Bats at the Beach, Bats at the Library and Bats at the Ballgame (Houghton Mifflin). He even shared the creative process for his new book MORE (by I.C. Springman, Houghton Mifflin) that comes out Spring 2012.

Brian Lies' visit has been tremendously inspiring. Thank you Emilie for inviting Brian. Thank you Brian for coming all the way to Providence to share your wonderful work with us!

Brian showing us his original artwork.
Our Class enjoying every single second of his visit.

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