January 1, 2015

Are You Ready to Help Us Solve The Great Connecticut Caper?

"A Connecticut landmark has gone missing! It is up to a pair of young detectives to recover it, and their adventures will take them all over the state. Written in 12 chapters by 12 authors, aided by 12 illustrators, The Great Connecticut Caper is a serialized mystery published on the Connecticut Humanities website that both educates and entertains readers about an iconic Connecticut landmark.

Publication of the first chapter takes place on January 4, 2015, with a launch party at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art on January 7. After that, new chapters will be published every two weeks (through June of 2015). Accompanying the chapters will be interactive puzzles and games that provide new and entertaining ways for readers to engage with the unique history of Gillette Castle.

To learn more, to attend the launch party, or to receive notifications as new chapters become available, visit The Great Connecticut Caper page on the CTH website http://cthumanities.org/c4b/ctcaper/."

(From ConnecticutHistory.org a program of CT Humanities)

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