February 17, 2012

2012 Annual SCBWI Winter Conference New York City, January 27-29, 2012

This was my first SCBWI Conference. What an inspiring experience!

Friday, January 27th
Marketing Intensive for Illustrators

On Friday, I attended the Marketing Intensive for Illustrators. It was "suited for first time illustrators, industry veterans, or illustrators about to launch. It provided in-depth coverage of the marketing techniques you need to know to promote your work and build a unique audience for your art."

The day started with an opening and introduction by Priscilla Burris, Pat Cummings, David Diaz, E.B. Lewis and Cecilia Yung.

Afterwards, four incredibly talented Author/Illustrators gave their presentations: John Rocco, explained “New Methods of Promoting Your Book: Trailers, Co-OP Marketing and More”; Dan Santat, talked about “Using Media to Make Yourself an Illustration Star”; Sophie Blackall, explained “Branding Yourself: Crossing Over to New Audiences”; and Dan Yaccarino showed us how to “Knock Their Socks Off : How To Do a Memorable Live Presentation”.

As I was walking out of the Ballroom, during lunch break, I had the honor to meet Paul O. Zelinski. I was actually able to introduce myself and articulate a few words!

In the afternoon, a Panel of Publishing Experts composed by Jed Bennett, Deb Shapiro and Michelle Fadlalla, talked about “Reaching the Picture Book Audience”.

Afterwards, John Rocco, Dan Santat, Dan Yaccarino and Roxie Munro presented their views on “Is Self-Marketing Cost Effective? Wise Use of Your Money and Time”.

It is almost impossible to briefly summarize the entire day in just a few lines. So, I will write down some of the Faculty’s words of advice for Author/Illustrators that were common denominators of that day: 
Be visible. Work hard. Connect. Share. Interact. Be smart. Have a website. Build a network of peers. Promote yourself. Be unique. Think out of the box. Be generous. Show always your best work. Try new things. Form long term relationships. Practice your craft. Keep a sketchbook. Be flexible. Go the extra mile. Be patient.

One hundred and eighty five SCBWI Winter Conference attendees submitted their portfolios to the Portfolio Showcase (I am proud to say that I was one of them!). Portfolios were displayed and viewed by around 300 prestigious children's book industry VIPs.

For more about the 2012 Annual SCBWI Winter Conference, please visit the Official SCBWI Conference Blog: http://scbwiconference.blogspot.com/


  1. Sounds great. Wish I could have been there!

    1. It was definitely inspiring! There were authors and illustrators representing 49 states and numerous attendees from other countries!

  2. I'm delighted that you went to the conference, Marcela! It sounds like it was a great experience.